Huseyin Gulen

Professor of Finance

Area Head, Finance

Krannert School of Management | Purdue University

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Lead Article and Editor’s Choice Article

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Lead Article

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(Third Prize in the Q-Group’s 2007 Rodger F. Murray Prize Competition. Best paper award Midwest Finance Association, 2009)

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(Finalist for the 2008 Smith Breeden Prize)

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(Winner of the Q Group Grant, 2003)

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  • “Big (Patent) Short: Hedge Funds and Unannounced Litigations,” 2018, with Tolga Caskurlu and Veronika Pool

  • “CEO Option Sensitivity to Dividend Yield and its Impact on Corporate Dividend Policy,” 2018 with Jin Xu

  • “Learning About Out-of-Sample Predictability and its Impact on Real-time Investment Decisions”